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Larry has the expertise that puts you at an advantage

Larry is a trial attorney.  He has obtained extremely favorable jury verdicts and settlements in favor of his clients.  Larry has been selected as a Rising Star by SuperLawyers Magazine, a designation bestowed upon only 2.5% of attorneys in Pennsylvania under the age of 40. 

Larry started his career working for the insurance companies. What is the best way to outsmart your opponent?  To know exactly what your opponent is going to do.  That is where Larry's expertise comes in.  Larry's knowledge puts you on the inside track. 


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According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

Motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to experience a deadly accident on the road than those in passenger cars.

In 2006, 88,000 motorcyclists were injured in highway accidents alone.

In 2006, 4,810 motorcyclists were killed in road accidents.

11 percent of all roadway accidents that occur in the United States involve motorcycles.

Head injury is the leading cause of death in motorcycle crashes.

A motorcyclist not wearing a helmet is 40 percent more likely to die of a head injury than one who wears a helmet.

A motorcyclist not wearing a helmet is 15 percent more likely to suffer a nonfatal injury than one who wears a helmet.

It is estimated that helmets reduce the likelihood of a crash fatality by 37 percent.

In 2007, a total of 7.1 million motorcycles were registered in the U.S.

In 2005, the motorcycle fatality rate was 73 per 100,000 registered motorcycles; meanwhile, the passenger vehicle fatality rate in the same year was 14 per 100,000 registrations.

Motorcycle use is growing disproportionately to fatality growth.  For instance, in 1997 there were 3,826,373 motorcycles registered in the U.S. and 2,116 motorcycle fatalities.  In 2005, there were 6,227,146 motorcycles registered in the U.S. and 4,810 motorcycle fatalities.  So, between 1997 and 2005, registrations grew 63 percent while fatalities more than doubled.

larry's goals

 Obtain the Best Result Possible

Larry Agunsday is a motorcycle accident attorney that is Fighting for Riders.  It is his goal to obtain the best possible result for his clients. He will not accept the bias that the insurance companies have towards riders.  The blame game where its the rider's fault simply because he was on a motorcycle is not acceptable.


02. Be Straight with You 

Larry is straight with all his clients.  Larry gives you his analysis of the case with straight forward recommendations.  If you can't handle the truth, then quite frankly, Larry isn't the lawyer for you. Empty promises lead to unrealistic expectations and lost settlements.  Larry will always tell you like it is.


03. Earn Your Trust 

It almost sounds like a joke.  Who can trust a lawyer?  You can if Larry is your lawyer.  Larry has a no BS policy.  Be straight with him and he is straight with you.  A lawyer should be like your best friend.  Someone you can tell anything to and will help you when you're down.  That's Larry's philosophy.  If you can't trust your lawyer, then you don't have the right lawyer.  And you obviously don't have Larry as our lawyer.